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Wakelee Student Essay "Virtual Learning"
Posted On:
Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Virtual Learning


I do not like this Virtual Learning

Sometimes it makes my anger start churning

But even though it might be hard

It will leave us all scarred

Although we will never be back to the norm

There are many great memories about this event that I can brainstorm

Like seeing my friends through a skinny computer screen

And thinking about how COVID-19 was totally unforeseen

Or the fact that this has all become routine

We have all spent more time at home

Now more than ever, we go outside for fresh air and to roam

All of us can appreciate family, and now that we are with them more

We have gotten to know them, and families will never be like before

Everyone has a different take on this whole thing

Many hope it will be over by the spring

Lots of people believe that there can be good

But others feel misunderstood

Some people think it is easier

Yet some disagree that it is superior

I believe that we’ll get through this together

Even though it may be tough, however



Student’s Name:  Emily Lanza

Student’s Age:  11 Student’s Grade: 5  

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